Fish4Carp is a fishing directorory providing in-depth information on all aspects of fihshing, locations and equipment.
A carp fishing forum - chat about tackle, rods, reels, rigs, lakes and carp angling in general.
Carp Fishing Tips, the UK's fastest growing online carp fishing community.  If you would like to gain more advice on Carp Fishing, or talk to experienced anglers regarding new fishing locations, baits, rigs or any other issue relating to Carp Fishing, then you have come to the right place
Carp Passion, the home of the dedicated carp angler. Carp fishing site run by carp anglers for carp anglers. In this site you will find everything you want from a carp fishing web site. It is designed to be your community carp fishing information site and has been made as interactive as possible.
Carp fishing tactics is becoming increasingly popular in the UK and Europe. Each week hundreds, maybe thousands, of new anglers experience the pleasure of catching big carp. The industry is growing very fast. Many top tackle manufacturers are consistently improving products and developing new ideas to provide new methods to catch carp. Many improvements are geared towards the use of end terminal tackle, the important parts that are in direct contact with the carp. Technologies in fishing lines, bait and rig presentation have developed to help anglers trick more carp into taking the hook bait.
Go Carping the Carp Fishing web site for carp anglers by Carp Anglers
Read about carp fishing articles that offer helpful tips and advice on a range of carp fishing areas. View Tackle section for all the latest offers from some of the leading tackle dealers.
Carpit a truly great CARP site was founded by Danny Chapman in April 2010 and started life as a simple blog about his fishing expeditions with Ace (The Carp Detective), but it was clear from only a few weeks in that Carpit had a life of its own and after a rework in design by Michael “the big man” Shreeves Carpit was ready and set to become the only user generated carp fishing site in the UK.

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UK Carp Directory Launch  • 09/04/08
For many years now, anglers have affectionately named the carp they have caught. Most anglers will recognise names such as Mary, Two-Tone, Shoulders, etc., but there are literally thousands more fish out there that have been named, which you may not be aware of. The creator of the UK Carp Directory designed it to become a database to index and name them all.






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