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Our mission and passion is to design, develop and manufacture innovative quality fishing accessories.

The company founder has been a fresh water angler for over forty years and has gained considerable expertise and knowledge from fishing in many different demanding environments including United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East and United States of America.


The carp-Skimball is a new and exciting float concept. It has been designed to let you cast tight against islands, banks and other normally inaccessible structures protected by overhanging tree branches and shrubs. The carp-Skimball protects your bait when casting and enables it to be positioned in places that would normally be considered difficult or impossible with normal fishing methods.

Upon contact with the water surface will immediately self-right, and then flood to maintain a very low profile.  After twenty five seconds in the water will automatically releases the bait to the chosen fishing depth naturally under its own weight. The carp-Skimball is designed so that a fish taking the bait feels minimal resistance. The carp-Skimball will remain at the surface when playing a fish. The carp-Skimball will be released should the main line break for any reason; loss of tension on the main line will release a barbless hook. The Carp-Skimball will float upon the water surface and can then be retrieved.

The carp-Skimball is a unique product. A UK Patent has been applied for GB 1419684.4.


Duck Sentinel focuses on floating bait fishing and resolves the need to remove any floating baitwhen wild fowl appear.  DUCK SENTINEL is a unique product for which a UK patent has been granted number GB2470988(B).

DUCK SENTINEL was subjected over many months to intensive development and testing of several concept design changes. The feed back from several independent expert fishermen was incorporated into pre production models.  All of the development evaluation processes were conducted at different venues within the UK. Various techniques were applied to the pre production models, including distance casting.  During the prototype and development stages of DUCK SENTINEL, every trial successfully protected the different types of floating bait offerings from wild fowl, both large and small, whilst enabling the user to keep the floating bait on station in the water and catch fish.


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